Our purpose

The Trust exercises its mandate principally by providing financial support for organisations conducting market and production related research, market information and transformation initiatives focussed on the South African maize industry.


The mission of the Maize Trust is to facilitate the continuous improvement of the entire maize industry in South Africa, to ensure that the industry becomes the leader in the region and that it is internationally competitive.


The Maize Trust has granted a large amount of money to a variety of organisations involved in research, development, and information programmes since its inception in 1998.


Funding from the Trust can be accessed by anyone in the maize industry who can demonstrate that an intended programme will benefit the industry. Grants are paid from the annual income of the Trust, which is derived from dividends and interest on the investment of the donations that have been received from the Maize Board.


The aim of the Maize Trust Bursary Scheme is to facilitate the implementation of an equitable bursary scheme, and to assist the current and future students of the Trust to further their educational qualifications and develop their skills.

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