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Policy and Procedures

Policy Preamble

The Maize Trust (hereinafter referred to as “the Trust”), acknowledges its responsibility to the South African maize industry to make a contribution towards ensuring that sufficient graduates are produced to address the relevant functional areas affecting the industry. For this reason the policy and procedures for the awarding of bursaries have been developed to ensure that the Trust’s Bursary Scheme will enable the Trust to play a role in increasing the availability of appropriately qualified scientists and professionals to the industry and that this process is managed equitably and in a transparent manner.


  1. The policy will apply to the Maize Trust Bursary Scheme and it will hereinafter and in general be referred to as “the Bursary”.
  2. Students who enrolled for a tertiary qualification, in a field as determined by the Trust from time to time, at a tertiary institution that is recognised by the Trust, will be eligible to be awarded the Bursary. Students who are awarded a bursary will be required to conclude a formal Bursary Agreement with the Trust, as well as an Agreement with the Trust and the applicable tertiary institution in respect of Intellectual Property Rights.
  3. After completion of a student’s course the student must work for an industry related organisation or institution in the RSA, as approved by the Trust, for a period equivalent to the period for which the Bursary was awarded.
  4. Failure to work for an industry related organisation or institution, as approved by the Trust, will effect an immediate repayment by the student to the Trust of such amount(s) as the student had received as the Bursary from the Trust. Interest at prime overdraft rate will be calculated as from the date of non-compliance until the actual date of repayment. The student will be exempt from repayment of such portion of the amount(s) pro rata to the period for which the student has been employed.
  5. Students in receipt of the Bursary will have to receive mentorship from a person who is subject to the approval of the Trust.
  6. Participation in the mentorship programme is compulsory for all students in receipt of the Bursary.
  7. All recipients of the Bursary must submit regular progress reports to the Trust, together with their results, as well as an annual progress report from the relevant institution and the mentor.
  8. Failure to pass a semester or year course can result in the cancellation of the Bursary.
  9. Failure, as referred to in paragraph 8, will result in the student repaying the full amount of the Bursary as was awarded up to that point in time. Interest at prime overdraft rate will be calculated as from the date of failure until repayment.
  10. It is recommended that recipients of the Bursary will work during holiday breaks at industry institutions or organisations, as and where directed by the Trust, provided that appropriate employment is available.
  11. The Bursary makes provision for tuition fees, books, living costs and any other material as required by the student to successfully complete the relevant studies.
  12. The Trust reserves the right as custodian of the Bursary to change the policy, as and when it deems it necessary, but this will only be done with prior notice.
  13. The evaluation and approval of applications for bursaries will be handled by the Trustees of the Trust for the time being.
  14. All progress results of the Student will be reported to the Administrators of the Trust in writing and will be treated by the Trust as confidential.
  15. The contact details of the Trust’s Administrators